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Worrying state of the youth in Lwengo district, Uganda.

we choose today to ponder about the state of the youth in our communities. Well we know a lot is being done in some areas to improve the well being of these young people but let’s accept that many communities in Uganda are still being left out.

Speaking for our own community kirumba-Kyazanga where we serve, the youth are in a very worrying state where we have a number of youths out of school, unemployed, illiterate, massive teenage pregnancies and HIV infections where majority don’t become HIV positive at birth but during their youthful stage which is due to lack of information.

This calls for action to join hands and support in making a difference in the lives of the young people in Lwengo. It starts with creating awareness about the basic importance of education and mitigating the causes of dropping out of school as well as extending sexual reproductive health and rights information close to these young people.

We as Joy For Humanity are willing to do our best but we can’t do it on our own, we therefore call upon stakeholders, partners, well wishers and young people to join us as we plan to make our communities a better place to live in.

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