Health Centre Updates

The construction of the Joy For Humanity Health Centre started on 7th May 2021.

We are constructing a modern Health Centre that will offer effective and efficient healthcare services in Lwengo District with a financial model affordable for the local community.

  • 04 Sep 2021
    Good progress has been made in the construction of the health centre.  By the end of September, the structure of the building will have been completed with the doors and windows for phase 1 installed.  The internal fit-out...
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Roof Completed - 22nd June 2021

Roofing Process - June 2021

Walls Completed - 31st May 2021

Walls Being Built - May 2021

Foundations Laid - 18th April 2021

Health Centre Construction Launch - 7th April 2021

The Health Centre construction launch was attended by representatives from Lwengo District, including the Deputy Residential District Commissioner (President’s Office representative at the District), Deputy Local Council 5 Chairman, District Chief Administrative Officer, The District Health Inspector, The Catholic Parish Priest, Area Muslim imams, Pentecost Pastors

10 Chairmen from the pilot 16 villages and at least three people on the committee from each village.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in Uganda, the numbers were limited to 200, and these were mainly District leaders and leaders from villages.

All the District leaders appreciated the efforts in starting the Health Centre construction. They promised their support throughout the entire process to ensure that the centre serves the people as intended.