Vision Trips

Vision trips to Kyazanga, Lwengo, Uganda


To inspire, to be inspired, to learn, to enjoy time with the Kyazanga community, see the environment and engage in the Joy For Humanity Activities (Health Centre, School, Employment activities).


It is impossible to understand through words how people live in a community like Kyazanga.  Visiting is the only way.  Though some people live in abject poverty, the community can set your soul alight and help you appreciate what a wonderful world we live in (despite the challenges).  The visit can challenge you on your lifestyle, so it comes with a health warning as well.  The opportunity to go on a short safari is a big plus at the end of the trip when members of the trip can take some time to reflect in an amazingly beautiful setting. 

We have now taken about 30 people on these trips, and every single person has had a positive experience, and several have already returned for a second trip.  (one person staying for six weeks to help with the development of the Health Centre. 

These visits are for the benefit of those visiting as much as the community in Kyazanga.  The Kyazanga community has been really encouraged by visitors, and this makes them feel less alone in their struggles.  Many of the visitors have become Ambassadors of Joy For Humanity and have come back enthused to give and lend their support to the charity’s activities.  Ambassadors meet on an ad-hoc basis and contribute as little or as much as they like. 

Dates of next trip – 24th June – 5th July 2024

The focus will be on the three areas of Quality Education, Health and Well-being and Economic Growth.  

Outline of an itinerary

Below is an example of a typical itinerary but each group is involved in setting their own itinerary.  Trips can last from 10 – 14 days or less for individuals that might want to return early.

Example of Itinerary

1st Day – Arrive at Entebbe International Airport, travel to Lwengo village and stay in the family home. Stand on the equator on the Journey. Meet Joseph Lukwago’s family.

2nd Day – Morning and afternoon, walk around the village with the hospitality from local families. Get an idea of how people live by visiting families.

3rd Day – Visit a local church and join in with the service (optional). Visit the school in the afternoon, engage in play activities with the children. Education preparation for the following days.

4th – 7th Day – Various options – Days at school leading or observing lessons with teachers. Sharing other good education practices. Time at the health centre and if medical run a medical camp.  Meet the Self Empowering Groups (SEG) working on economic growth.  Visit to a local town and drinks in a local bar. Normally dancing with the family. Party with the teachers and health workers.

7th – 9th/10th day – Visit to the Lake Victoria Islands

10th/11th Day – Leave for Entebbe and Travel back home


£1,000 – £1,300

The final costs depend on what we end up doing in terms of Safari, how many people go and also the costs of the airfare which varies a lot.

The organisation of the trip.

 Kevin Belcher organises these trips and normally travels on them (he loves it).  He even managed a game of squash in Kampala last time. 

The trip is run as a group of friends going together with joint planning.  You book your tickets, and we organise transport and accommodation internally, but all other preparations will be a trip members’ responsibility – vaccinations, visas, insurance, etc.  (we will obviously guide you)

We will create a WhatsApp group for those attending and have planning meetings for the trip to ensure we consider as many of the trip members’ wishes as possible.

Vision Trip Blog


For our trip to Uganda in September 2018, we had 8 of us from the U.K. visit Kyazanga village in Lwengo district. After sorting a couple of lost bags, our first day was spent with the family with the best welcome you could ask for!

After sleeping off the flight, we went straight to action to support the medical camp that was organised at Kyazanga Modern Primary School.

These medical camps are solely serving humanity by taking care of sick children and adults and giving them healthcare services for free. We had two medical professionals who worked with the local doctors whilst the rest of the team helped the organisation. On this day we were able to treat 530 people and test 80 people for HIV. These camps that are run three times a year are many of the locals-only access to medical care with some walking hours to get to the camp.

While on safari, you will partly see why Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa”, after his visit to the country in 1907.

Uganda’s beauty, wildlife diversity, and friendly people justify its reputation as ‘The Pearl of Africa’. The habitats are immensely varied and it can be stated without exaggeration that Uganda is one of the most biologically diverse nations on the continent: with forests, snow-capped mountains, Savannah, crater lakes, and volcanoes.

Join us, volunteer, and make a difference