About JFH

Who We Are

We are a community-led organisation based in Uganda, with the support of a dedicated team in the UK. As a Christian-oriented humanitarian organisation, we aim to positively impact the lives of children, women, youth, and their families.

With a team of creative, tenacious, and highly motivated individuals, we are committed to providing guidance and support to our target group.

Our “Learning-by-Doing” methodology empowers them to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to generate income and improve their quality of life.

We focus on serving orphaned and underprivileged children, women, youth, and their families.

While our organisation is Christian-oriented, we embrace an inclusive approach, ensuring that no child or person is turned away from our activities.

We believe in equality and do not discriminate based on religion, race, tribe, or colour. We serve all people equally, striving to create a community where everyone has access to opportunities, support, and a chance for a better future.

Our Vision

Empowering Ugandan Households to Achieve Prosperity and Dignity.

Our Mission

Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty through Quality Education, Healthcare and Economic Growth.


We envision a future where every Ugandan household achieves a minimum annual income of UGX 35,000,000 (USD 10,000) or more. In pursuit of this vision, our mission is to provide Education and empower Ugandan families to break the cycle of generational poverty, enabling them to live healthy and dignified lives.

We are committed to fostering economic growth, ensuring access to quality education, and uplifting individuals and communities through targeted interventions and support.

By promoting economic growth, we create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and uplift families towards self-sufficiency.

Together, we can transform lives and create a future where every individual has the means to lead a life of dignity, fulfilment, and long-term prosperity.

Core Values

These core values reflect the guiding principles that shape our organisation’s culture, actions, and impact, which drive us towards realising our vision and mission.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions and operations.


We believe in empowering individuals and communities by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to create positive change in their lives.


We approach our work with compassion and empathy, recognising the unique challenges faced by children, women, youth, and their families and striving to make a meaningful difference in their lives.


We foster collaboration and partnerships, valuing the strength of collective efforts and working together with local communities, organisations, and stakeholders to achieve our shared goals.


We treat every individual with respect, dignity, and fairness, valuing their unique perspectives, experiences, and cultural backgrounds.


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, being accountable to the communities we serve, our donors, and ourselves, ensuring efficient use of resources and delivering measurable impact.


We embrace innovation and continuous learning, seeking creative solutions and adapting to evolving challenges to maximise our effectiveness and impact.


We are committed to inclusivity, embracing diversity in all its forms and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and empowered to participate.