About JFH

Who We Are

We are a community-led organisation based in Uganda supported by a team in the UK.

We are a Christian Oriented Humanitarian Organization with creative, tenacious and unshakably motivated individuals dedicated to working with Children, Women, Youth and their families.

We are devoted to guiding our target group to learn how to earn an income using a “Learning-by-Doing” Methodology, which allows them to meet their basic needs and lead healthy, productive, and dignified lives.

We serve orphaned and underprivileged Children, Women, Youth and their families. Even though we are Christian Oriented, no child or person is turned away from our activities.

We serve all people equally regardless of religion, race, tribe or colour.

Our Vision

We envision a day when all Ugandan households will earn a minimum annual income of at least UGX 35,000,000 (USD 10,000), to meet their basic needs such as shelter, healthcare, food, clothing, and education.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide education and empower Ugandan families to break the cycle of generational poverty to live healthy, and dignified lives.