Our Founder

Joseph Lukwago

Joseph is an ICT and digital product engineering professional, who believes that Information and knowledge can do wonders to change the face of the people in rural, isolated and underprivileged regions.

Joseph is the Director of and Spokesman for, the Bright Heart Children program in Africa which teaches children to live with six universal principles of Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace.  This innovative program which is embedded into classroom teaching has seen Kyazanga Modern Primary School in which Joseph is a Co-Director, ranked among the top 200 primary schools in Uganda, an extremely rare achievement for a rural school.

Until 2018, Joseph served as the Executive Director of the Ugandan Literate Earth Project whose mission is to establish literate communities in developing countries by putting books in the hands of children.

He also served as the Rotary Club of Makindye Secretary for Rotary years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, which allowed him to fulfil his primary responsibility of helping the club to function in serving rural communities efficiently.

Along with his most revered work at Joy For Humanity, Joseph also served at Ugandan State House as a Private Secretary. He headed up the Information and Communication Technology department in the Office of the Vice President. Working within State House, Joseph was one of four young Ugandans selected by the Government of Uganda to pursue a postgraduate qualification abroad and to return with innovative ideas for the Country’s ICT, Automation and Industrialisation Strategic Vision 2040.  To achieve this, he completed MSc in Advanced Industrial and Manufacturing Systems at Kingston University in 2017, and he is advancing his research in leadership, technology and development as he seeks solutions for the country’s vision.

The learning experience from his profession along with his service to humanity has allowed him to evaluate community experiences and challenges from a creative perspective and to reflect on alternative approaches to rural, isolated and underprivileged regions. Joseph’s strong background of 18 years of work experience, with 17 years of management and leadership including eight years at Uganda State House advising on Information and Communication Technology matters has enabled him to develop in the area of teamwork, intuition, organisation and analytical skills.