Health Centre Updates

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Health Centre Updates

Good progress has been made in the construction of the health centre.  By the end of September, the structure of the building will have been completed with the doors and windows for phase 1 installed.  The internal fit-out will then start, and we hope to complete this for phase 1 by the end of January 2022.

Whilst construction of the centre is being completed we are starting to carry out community health work. Phina Nalukwago is leading on this. On a daily basis, she is out in the community. She is gaining a real understanding of the community’s health needs and encouraging people to join the health savings scheme.

Hope to the Community

From 1st November we are planning to expand this community health worker team with 3 more nurses. We have a plan to reach out to the many local villages during November, December and January and to clearly map the local needs. We will be using our new digital patients’ record management system to do this and starting the patient journey for our future patients.

This is a vital part of the work in preparing for the opening of the health centre. The four nurses will then become the core team of staff working at the centre as well as continuing with the community outreach work. We believe the community work will be a vital part of the long term health service of the Health Centre.

We are currently looking for funding for the team of nurses and one operational support person. On average, employing a clinical member of the team costs £180 per month and £120 per month for non-clinical staff. See here for more information. If you can help please let us know.



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