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Loosing 50 kgs in 2 months due to hunger and stress

Being a community that relies on agriculture, the majority of the people in Lwengo district are farmers, mainly growing food crops from which they feed their families and sell a little to cater for their other needs. The past 2 seasons have been a nightmare to these farmers as they sowed and reaped nothing due to lack of rain that was needed to support crop growth. This led to the hunger that hit the people in Lwengo District, where people started starving, many little children developed ulcers, having one meal a day, others couldn’t afford any but chose to come to Joy For Humanity seeking help in terms of food for their children for a day.

The Joy for Humanity UK team together with other well wishers joined hands and decided to support the community people of kyazanga Kirumba and neighbouring areas in Lwengo district with a bag of posho and beans each that has greatly made them glad as majority had nothing left to eat in their houses. 

As one of the old ladies in the community was passing on her appreciation, she greatly appreciated Joy For Humanity for being a saviour in these hard times, she explained that before COVID she weighed 120kgs but due to the hunger that hit the community and getting food for herself and her grandchildren being a hustle and very stressful, she lost 50kgs in 2 months and she now weighs 70 kgs. She was very grateful for she got something to feed her grandchildren and herself for days 

She also thanked the team for the Self Empowerment programmes through which seeds are given to farmers, fertilizers, animals , chickens and others and added that having got chickens,  these have sustained the majority of them in this period.

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