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Fruits of small beginnings

It is important never to despise small beginnings because from such, dreams come true. As Joy for Humanity, empowerment being one of our areas of focus, we started the Rural Education and Action for Development (READ) program in kirumba kyazanga Lwengo district through which community members make Self-Empowerment groups (SEG) and are given start ups to enable them improve their standards of living and be able to afford health care as well as educate their children.

Meet Baigana Brown, one of the members of our Self-Empowerment Groups in Kirumba, Lwengo district, who was given two piglets as a start-up. They grew and gave birth; he sold some and expanded his sties, the little ones have now grown and given birth to others. He now has several pig sties from which he gets manure for his small garden, and he is currently saving to buy a milk cow to start selling milk to earn more in order to support his family.


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