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Rising Water Levels Leave Members of SEG Heartbroken and Hopeless

In a heart-racking turn of events, our Self Empowerment Groups (SEG) members, who have been tirelessly working to fight poverty through agriculture, have faced a catastrophic setback.These dedicated individuals had previously received support that allowed them to cultivate various crops, such as cabbages, tomatoes, maize, and eggplants, taking significant steps towards breaking free from poverty. However, increased water levels near the swamp, which they strategically used for irrigation during dry periods, have destroyed their crops and spirits.

Twenty-six of our dedicated members who planted their crops near the swamp, utilising its water source for irrigation, are now grappling with devastation and despair. The rising water levels have submerged their hard-earned crops, leaving them floating aimlessly and causing extensive damage across the agricultural area. The dreams of overcoming poverty through another successful season have been tragically shattered.

The SEG members find themselves in overwhelming grief as they witness the fruits of their labour disappear before their eyes. Beyond the financial implications, these crops represented their resilience and determination to uplift their families and improve their livelihoods. The pain they carry is profound and deeply felt.

Amidst this distressing event, we continue to offer much-needed moral and emotional support to the SEG members. Efforts are underway to help them overcome this devastating setback and find hope again. After discussing with the members, it’s clear that the immediate requirements for their recovery include seeds and tools to restart their agricultural activities, although in different areas for the time being.

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