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Lighting the Path to Prosperity on Day 2 of Vision Trip.

As the sun rose over the beautiful Kyazanga, our guests from the UK started their second day by visiting our Self Empowerment Groups (SEGs). These groups are at the heart of our mission at Joy For Humanity by helping families eradicate poverty and live with dignity and health.

From the humble beginnings of just 20 members, our SEG programme has now flourished to embrace 123 families, each story a beacon of hope and transformation. The day was packed with meaningful visits to some of these families who have transformed their lives through working together.

Here are some stories of transformation:
John’s Story of Resilience

In the green fields in the community, John and his wife, once challenged by rising water that destroyed their farm, showed incredible strength. With our support, they turned this challenge into a chance to grow. Their farm now supports their children’s education and secures their family’s future. John’s dedication to growth earned him the title of the community’s best farmer from an external farmers’ organisation, a recognition that came with knowledge and empowerment, earning him a certificate and the qualifications to run his own agro-input shop.

Nantenza’s Success Against the Odds

Nantenza Regina is a single mother whose life was changed by the two piglets she received. Nantenza expanded her project, selling piglets to fund crucial improvements for her home. With further support, Nantenza ventured into growing cabbages and green peppers, utilising an irrigation pump to thrive despite previous challenges posed by nature. She now provides for her children’s health, education, and daily needs, all from the fruits of her labour.

Such stories and all of our SEG members prove that anything is possible with the right support at the right time.

A Community Celebration

The day was full of emotions and connections. In the evening, all the SEG members came together at the Joy For Humanity Centre. We welcomed new members with the seed inputs and resources they need to start. The day ended with everyone sharing a meal and celebrating their efforts and successes. This dinner wasn’t just about food, it was about sharing stories and laughs, dancing and appreciating the efforts of working as one big family with one focus.

But it wasn’t all about success. We also reflected on the challenges like climate change and tough economic times after COVID-19. Despite these hurdles, the determination to keep going is strong, supported by our extraordinary network of partners like the guests who were present.

A Future Beyond Poverty

The changes in these families, from living on less than a dollar a day to now aiming for $10,000 a year, show that mindset change with the right support and partners can change lives. With further enterprises planned for these SEG members, the future is indeed bright for this community that had lost hope.

Every step we take together is a step away from extreme poverty. Join us in this effort to change lives and transform communities.

Follow our pages to keep updated with stories like John’s and Nantenza’s as we work to empower communities. Together, we can create real change and make the world a better place for everyone.

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