Equipment required for Opening of The Plastic Bottle Health Centre in Kyazanga, Uganda

This is a list of items required for the opening of phase 1 of the health centre in March 2022.  This is not an exhaustive list, so please let us know if you have any other equipment that you think might be helpful.

We can collect items in the London area.  Please get in touch with Kevin via email at to arrange collection.

Some of the items are very high value and some very small.  All donations are very welcome.  Items can be serviced and maintained in Uganda as we have made an arrangement with a medical equipment supplier in Uganda.

We will be sending our second container to Uganda on 31st January by sea.  It is surprisingly economical if we have a lot to send!

Health Centre Equipment List

Department Item Quantity
General Medical Equipment Wheelchair 2
Patient emergency trolley
Stretcher washable, portable trough 2
Exam couch, Stainless steel 3
Tape wall height measure 2
Bins (incl medical waste and sharps) 10
Bedsheets 30 sets
Blankets (blue because they are cheapest) 30
Gallipots 5
kidney dishes 10
Medicine thermometer
Trays 4
Vaccine temp monitor (for the inside fridge) 2
Lab Haematology Analyser
Chemistry Analyser
Mobile X-Ray Machine Digital complete with start-up kits
Microscope, Olympus CX 23
Benchtop centrifuge, 12 buckets
Pipette Variable 10-100ul
Mission Hb Haemoglobin Machine
Reagent Refrigerator
Electrolyte Analyser
A/C for monitoring the temps in the lab
Drums for cotton
Clinical Rooms Exam couch, Stainless steel 3
Stethoscope General practice 3
Diagnostic set 3
Adult weighing scale 3
Thermometer digital 3
Torch pen lighter 3
Spotlight (Examination light) 3
Dental Room Full set of equipment needed
Wards Curtains & rails 17
Drip stand with castors 13
Instrument trolley
Maternity Room Baby cot adjustable height 2
Medicine trolley 2
Mosquito nets
Delivery bed 2
Mucus Extractors 2
Drums (cotton, gauze, instrument
Delivery instrument set
D & C set
Evacuation instrument set
Interval IUD insertion & removal kit
Digital baby scale, Basin type, Seca
Ambu bag 2
Plastic water can 15L, with a stand
Nebuliser with all accessories