Health Centre

The Plastic Bottle Health Centre

The largest JFH project has been the construction of the Plastic Bottle Health Centre. Parts of the construction and furniture of the health centre will use recycled plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are brought to the health centre by community members. They are paid for the bottles with a credit to their health savings account in the Kyasanga Modern Co-operative Savings Association.

The Health Facility is probably the highest-quality not-for-profit rural health centres in Uganda. But at prices affordable to the local community. We have a modern dental suite and a scanner for daily use.

Phase 1 was completed in March 2022, and phase 2 has commenced. The centre is now fully powered by batteries fed from solar panels, the wards are fully equipped, and staff quarters have been built on-site. The next steps in phase 2 are to build the road and compound with plastic bottle pavers. Then to complete the expansion of the maternity suite and double the size of the dental suite. 

Each day, nurses are out in the community offering free health checks and health education.



Providing Effective Healthcare to All