Story About Us

Who are we?

We are a community-led organisation based in Uganda supported by a team in the UK.

We provide education and empower our community to lead more healthy and fulfilled lives.

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Current Project

Health Centre

As a result of fundraising for the last 2 years. In 2021, we are happy to say we are now in a financial position to be able to start work on our brand new Health Centre. This has been a dream of ours since our creation.

The Health Centre will be staffed by Ugandan Medical Staff and we are also incorporating telemedicine so that we can offer clinical support from the U.K.

Focus area

Quality Education

We aim at improving the living standards of vulnerable children, orphans and youth by promoting formal and informal

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Health And Wellbeing

At the moment, one in eight children in Lwengo District will not celebrate their fifth birthday. Imagine if that was the

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Economic Growth

We aim to grow the wealth of our community by training our community members through the Rural Education

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