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Volunteers’ FAQ

Volunteers’ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Well, we wouldn’t call it an application. It’s more like a registration. You are more than welcome to work with us as soon as you’ve got time. There are no vacancies, time-limits, deadlines or any other outdated stuff. We are trying to make your volunteer experience as easy-going and flexible as possible. As we are still a growing organization, we can use any help we get provided it is in line with our Vision. The only things we request are that you tell us who you, when you want to come and for how long you are planning to stay (some hard facts and details will be on the Registration Form you will receive).

What are the requirements?

We don’t ask for much. The “soft skills” we seek, such as independence, motivation and enthusiasm, are difficult and expensive to check in advance. Everyone claims to have these skills anyhow, so we gave up asking. In addition, we figured out that someone, who actually has the guts to leave home and change his life, is quite a good catch. So don’t worry about requirements, pack your suitcase or backpack and get over here!!

What about accommodation?

For all our placements, accommodation and daily meals will be provided in the community and will differ from private apartments to rooms in private homes.
Since security and cleanliness are of prime importance to us, when you are in our community we will take those as the first priority.

Cost for the Program

The cost for living in Kyazanga is approximately USD $650 per month per volunteer.
This fee covers:
> Airport pick up and transport to the project
> Accommodation (Home stay with a family or Guesthouse rent).
> 3 meals per day ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
> Support for local volunteer community workers
> Supervision

The above fee will not cover your other expenses like flights, visas, vaccinations, leisure activities and other personal costs.
You will basically need a weekly budget of at least US $25 – $40 to support a basic life which includes among others, bottled water, Internet, some transport and a few western treats such as coffee and chocolate.
Safaris and white water rafting are a bit more expensive but we will help you to arrange in case of any need.

What’s important before the trip?

The most important things to plan ahead are the flights and vaccinations. If you are a student you might find good student fares at It’s important that you keep checking different pages. Offers change constantly.
For vaccinations and other medical preparation we recommend that you please contact your local health department/tropical disease clinic or the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) for the most up to date information.

How do I get visas to enter Uganda?

It is essential that you have a current passport. When you arrive at Entebbe airport you will need to go into the visa office and purchase a visa. The cost will be $100 US.

What type of currency is used in Uganda?

The currency used in Uganda is “Shillings”. Please bring other notes i.e. dollars, pounds etc in the form of large bills. The money exchangers prefer large notes eg for dollars from $50, $100 and above. We will make arrangements to help you have your money converted to shillings as you might wish.

Where are you Located in Uganda?

We are located in Kirumba Village, Kyazanga Sub-County, Bukoto West Constituency along Masaka – Mbarara Road in the new District of Lwengo.
Masaka is 180 km from Kampala City and Kyazanga is 46 km from Masaka town along Masaka – Mbarara Road.

How will I find my way?

Our team will receive you at the airport and will also accompany you throughout the trip.

Will I have access to email while in Uganda?

Yes, there are a few Internet cafes in Lwengo and Masaka. However we recommend that you travel with a laptop to carryout out some required documentations. With your laptop, you can easily have access to mobile Internet using a modern that is cheaper and will provide you with Internet most of the time you need it.

Will I be able to communicate with Ugandans in English?

English is widely spoken in Uganda but most of the locals in our community will need an interpreter. However, Kyazanga School children are educated in and speak English and you will therefore interact with them in English.

What is the weather like in Uganda?

The weather in Uganda is very moderate throughout the year. Average temperatures are in the mid to high 70oF (22 -25oC)

What is the dress code?

There are no restrictions in dress and overall the dress is quite casual. You may wish to bring some “smart casual” clothes for church on Sunday. Please bring at least one long sleeved item to protect yourself from some mosquitoes in the evening.