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Three male Lions captured

As Joy For Humanity, we care and value wildlife, not because of the array of ecological, economic, and social benefit to

More facts about Uganda

The British christened Uganda its name, which is a Swahili word meaning land of the Ganda. (1900 Buganda agreement) Uganda was ranked among the top 16 holiday destinations for 2016 by CNN and ranked as a top tourist destination for 2012 by lonely planet. There are about 880 mountain gorillas in the whole World and Uganda is home to half of the World’s remaining mountain gorillas. There are about 150,000 chimpanzees in Africa, and a third of them are found in Uganda. In fact, a significant number of chimpanzees across Africa are found in only four countries. Uganda is known as Africa’s premier birding destination. There are over 1000 bird...
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Uganda the Pearl of Africa

      Find out more why Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa as stated by Sir Winston Churchill