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Three male Lions captured

Three male Lions captured

As Joy For Humanity, we care and value wildlife, not because of the array of ecological, economic, and social benefit to
humanity, but this is also part of our visitors’ experience after days of mission work in Kyazanga, Lwengo district.

Our esteemed guests have a high chance of seeing more lions after the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) reported that it had effectively conducted an operation in Kiyenge village, Kasese district to return three male lions to Queen Elizabeth National Park on 5th January.

This was after a week of capture operation after the lions had strayed outside the park and ignoring this would cause danger to the neighbouring communities or losing the lions.

Early last year, eleven lions including three mothers and eight cubs were discovered dead at the Humungu fishing village in Queen Elizabeth National Park after an aggrieved pastoralist poisoned them after they had killed his cow.

The lion population in Uganda is on a decline with about 90 lions left in Queen Elizabeth Park and a total of 400 in all Ugandan parks.

The captured lions were fitted with a satellite collar and hip with a Very High Frequency (VHF) tag in 2018 to monitor their movement in a bid to address the lion-human conflict in neighbouring villages.

It’s vital to preserve such species to enable wildlife enthusiasts able to see such animals which include tree climbing lions that live in Queen Elizabeth Nation Park and are one of only two populations of the lions in the world that climb trees daily with the other group living in Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania.


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