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Second Term Holiday 2016

Second Term Holiday 2016

September is term holiday, and our Kyazanga Modern Primary School children are with their parents/ guardians.

We have come to the end of an incredible second term, and we are very proud to serve Uganda’s children as it’s our pleasure and privilege to watch over their character, personality and intellect development.

Along with academics, we continue to educate our children in human enrichment program based on the six Bright Heart Principles of Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom, and Peace, and this has continued to set a significant difference in behaviour among our children. It’s no doubt that because of this innovative program and other initiatives, Kyazanga Modern Primary School has continued to be ranked among the top 200 primary schools in Uganda, a highly rare achievement for a rural school.

We look forward to the third term starting October which also marks the end of the academic year in which our children get promoted to new classes and those in Primary Seven join Secondary School in 2017. Next term is academically relevant to children because we are very concerned about their destiny as we are raising leaders who will build a sustainable and harmonious Uganda.

We wish you a pleasant new month and wonderful holiday.

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