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Uganda the Pearl of Africa

More facts about Uganda

The British christened Uganda its name, which is a Swahili word meaning land of the Ganda. (1900 Buganda agreement)
Uganda was ranked among the top 16 holiday destinations for 2016 by CNN and ranked as a top tourist destination for 2012 by lonely planet.
There are about 880 mountain gorillas in the whole World and Uganda is home to half of the World’s remaining mountain gorillas.
There are about 150,000 chimpanzees in Africa, and a third of them are found in Uganda. In fact, a significant number of chimpanzees across Africa are found in only four countries.
Uganda is known as Africa’s premier birding destination. There are over 1000 bird species recorded in Uganda. It is even believed that some of the birds living in Uganda’s forests may not be classified as yet.
The country takes conservation seriously and is committed to preserving populations. In addition to protecting wildlife, Uganda has a rule that if you cut down one tree, you need to plant three in the same area.
Uganda is the second youngest country in the world after Niger with about 50% of the population under the age of 14, 55% under 18 years and 70% of the population below of the age of 25. What makes matters worse is the fact that unemployment among the youth is also extremely high in Uganda. With such a situation, huge emphasis should be placed on nurturing children and serving the young population.
Uganda has vast deposits of over 50 precious minerals, and most of them have not even been mined or refined. The country has rare earth minerals (REE- aluminous clays, yttrium, gallium & scandium) valued to be as much as 300 million tonnages. These minerals can be used in the manufacture of cars, aeroplane parts and electronics. Other deposits can be found in China and Canada.
Uganda is ranked as the world’s most entrepreneurial country with a rate of 28.1%. This means that 28.1% of Uganda’s population own or co-own a business that has paid salaries for more than three months but less than 42.
Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa that has designed her own car, the Kiira that was unveiled in 2011. The prototype was first developed by students at Makerere University and has since then undergone a couple of improvements and modifications.
Grasshoppers are an important and popular seasonal delicacy in Uganda!
Uganda was ranked as the world’s most ethnically diverse country (2013), that is, if you randomly picked any two people from any part of Uganda, they would be of different ethnicities.
Uganda is UNESCO’s sole representative of Bark cloth and Uganda is one of the countries that have preserved the bark cloth making custom. Bark cloth making used to be common in Indonesia, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
The Luzira head which was discovered at Luzira prisons dates back to AD 1000. This is one of the oldest Sub-Saharan sculptures yet found in Africa. It has been part of the British Museum’s ethnographic collection since 1931.



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