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In all our programs mindset is key because we believe that if people have to change themselves, their minds and behaviours have to first change the existing day-to-day life approach.

We aim at facilitating sustainable change and development where people can take charge of their own development processes.

In Mindset we emphasize three Principles of Diligence, Self-help and Cooperation.

With Diligence, we emphasize the spirit of working towards the future, getting thoughts broadly, and putting action firmly.

With Self-help, emphasize is put on the spirit of doing work by myself, realizing that my fate and future depends on myself, and doing the best in all my efforts.

With Cooperation, we emphasize the spirit and value of unity. Through our groups of “Together We Can” we show that when we unite as a whole, we can do much more than simple add-up of each one.

Through the “Together We Can” Spirit, we emphasize caring for others, encouraging each other and to share, work and help each other to overcome hardships.

With our Principles on mindset, we believe that nothing can stop us and we can successfully expand the opportunities available for our target groups to lead them to Prosperity.

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