Health and Wellbeing

Lwengo District Health Key Facts

At the moment, one in eight children in Lwengo District will not celebrate their fifth birthday. Imagine if that was the case in the UK – three children out of every nursery class wouldn’t reach reception.

Six medical doctors serve a population of 270,000 people. In Hackney, UK, 150+ doctors serve a similar number.

The Uganda government health budget for Lwengo is £800,000, which is £3 per person. Just one GP practice in Hackney that serves 7,000 people has a budget of £1,000,000, which is £143 per person.

There’s less than the equivalent of one dentist for the whole District, private or government.

Lwengo has no proper operational maternity delivery suite, and there are five maternal deaths for every 1,000 births in the District.

The life expectancy at birth for men in Lwengo is 53.2 years, and for women, it is 63.9 years.

When we last visited, the local community health centre did not have a blood pressure machine. (we have helped to rectify that)

We are currently building a Health Centre that will offer effective and efficient healthcare services. Check here for the progress.

Sustainable & Affordable Health Care

Many people struggle to afford health care in Lwengo District. We aim to establish a Health Centre with a reality of keeping it open and running long-term, as it can’t be simply free.

To make the centre both sustainable and affordable, we will:

  1. Offer a great service which attracts those who can pay the full amount
  2. Provide different payment methods which people on lower incomes will be able to afford (described below)
  3. Never turn away those who truly can’t pay if their condition threatens their life or their employment. (even via the methods described below)

We believe it will take 12 months to break even and reach a sustainable model.  We have raised funds to build the premises (at current budget figures) and are looking to receive equipment donations or raise funds for equipment and to cover the running costs for the first 12 months. 

We are supporting the economic growth of the area through the Rural Education and Action for Development (READ) project.

Approach to Affordability

Savings Scheme

Loans for treatment

Insurance Membership


We are launching a savings scheme so that community members can start to save before the centre is open. The savings scheme is with the Kyazanga Modern Savings and Credit Co-operative. Joy For humanity have been supporting this grow over the last four years and it is now in a position to launch a savings scheme specifically for people wanting to save for their visit to the health centre. The savings can also be used for health care at local health facilities when patients are referred to from the health centre. This is in consultation with 16 local village chiefs.

If a person can’t afford the services they need and have been a member of the savings scheme a credit facility will be offered to them immediately. The level of credit will be according to the ability to pay. This will be ascertained by talking to the village chiefs and through discussion with them and their relatives.
Currently, a normal interest rate for a loan in Uganda is 24% and we would hope to offer these loans at 6% which will be seen as very affordable by the majority of community members.

Six months after opening the health centre, when we have some idea of activity levels, we are planning to research launching a simple health insurance scheme alongside the savings scheme. Whilst in Uganda in April 2021 we researched how we could do this and already have an outline of how we would run this.

This will be available to those who really cannot afford even a loan when they have life-threatening and employment threatening conditions. The bursary will be covered by fundraising in the UK.
Please donate so that we have funds available to provide these donations.

David Wasswa's Story

David weighed 1kg at six months in Sept 2019. He is making three years in May 2021.   

Every person attending the centre will receive the same level of health care irrespective of their ability to pay. 

Planned Services

General Medical Services and Outpatients.

Inpatient wards

Maternity Ward

Dental Suite


Community Health and Education

Occasional Surgery Clinics

The clinical environment

This will include a daily outpatient service run by a team of nurses. Initially they will be supported by visiting doctors and specialists, plus a virtual doctor support service from the UK. Small wards will be available for those that need inpatient support.
Please help us equip the nurses rooms. – donate.
Sponsor a visiting doctor salary for 12 months – 1 needed
Sponsor a nurses salary for 12 months – 2 needed.
Sponsor an administrator for 12 months – 1 needed

Wards exist in some of the small local health facilities within Lwengo but these are unstaffed. We will be building comfortable staff quarters to ensure we can staff the wards and provide some inpatient support. Three wards for men, women and children.
Please help us equip the wards. Go to equipment list.
Please help us staff the wards for 12 months
Please donate for building the staff quarters

There is no proper functioning delivery suite in the District of Lwengo. We hope to provide a fully functioning maternity suite and ward.
Please help us equip the ward – see list.

There’s no comprehensive dental service available in Lwengo. To begin with, we will employ one full-time dentist, but the dental room will be built to accommodate two dentists. Initially, the general nurses will support with routine dental services.

Currently, there is no lab in Lwengo District – which means medical tests either don’t take place or are sent out of the area.
Our laboratory will serve the patients of the Joy for Humanity health centre as well as other small health clinics in the District.
Please donate for the equipment in the laboratory
Please sponsor lab technicians for 12 months.

Community village nurses will visit homes and pro-actively identify health needs.
Currently, many people don’t use medical services because they fear the cost. The community nurse will work with them to use payment schemes and break down the barriers
Please sponsor 2 community nurses for 12 months

We will make part of the space usable as a temporary operating theatre for visiting specialists.
Please donate for equipping the operating theatre

We want the Joy For Humanity Health Centre to be welcoming and create a peaceful and quality presence. To this end we will want to create beautiful gardens surrounding the premises from the start with good maintenance of the building
Donate for equipping the garden with beautiful plants and seats.
Sponsor a maintenance person for 12 months
Sponsor a gardener for 12 months.

The People Involved

UK Advisory Team