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Christmas is indeed a children's time

Christmas is indeed children’s time

Again it’s this time of the year when we are merry and thankful for everything that has come our way.

As we frantically go through each day wondering if all the work, shopping, and decorating of our homes will get done on time, including getting the tree up and the sending of presents, there is something else we should always be thinking about.

During Christmas time, there are many families who get forgotten. They are the ones who struggle to make ends meet and we must never forget the children of the world.

In the Holy Land, a star appeared in the heavens at the time of the Saviour’s birth. In the New World, there was light for a day and a night and a day to mark His coming to earth as a newborn baby. His life continued in light as He was the perfect example of obedience, goodness, and love

Many children anticipate the coming of the Saviour but with no gifts or love in their families and they find it hard to cope with the situation. These are the people that need thought at this time of the year.

Joy For Humanity together with other friends are always determined to make Christmas a bright period for such children in the community.

Christmas is indeed a children’s time. The children in our families have love, warmth, and the best thing of all – cuddles. They know they are loved and wanted.

As we always open our gifts and eat our Christmas fare, let us just take a moment from our busy, happy time to think of those people who are lonely and ill.

As we study the Saviour’s life and teachings, sing songs of joy to honour Him, keep His commandments, honour our parents, and love and serve one another, we will keep that light shining bright this Christmastime and all through the coming year.

May the Christmas season, fill your home with joy, your heart with love & your life with laughter.

Merry Christmas to you and May the Great King whose BD we are celebrating be with you today and forever.

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