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Lwengo Smart Citizens

Many people are scared of embracing technology because they see it as a great evil that diminishes Humanity. However, we believe that technology is a critical bridge in developing solutions for achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Information Technology is the road, which must be brought to the doorsteps of the poor be it rural or urban regions and they should be given equal opportunity to master the skill to use this technology to their advantage. Information technology must be designed in such a way that a totally unprepared poor person can immediately get the hang of it without feeling threatened and convert acquired knowledge for his wealth creation. It’s imperative to...
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Second Term Holiday 2016

September is term holiday, and our Kyazanga Modern Primary School children are with their parents/ guardians.

Kyazanga Modern Schools and Innovation Centre

Kyazanga Modern Primary School’s mission is to improve standards of living for underprivileged and disadvantaged, orphans and youth by promoting formal and informal education, providing accommodation to the orphans and advocating for their basic fundamental human rights and social justice. Due to problems encountered in the community, where many students failed to meet their basic requirements, it was clear that the issues that were preventing children from attending schools were due to family and community problems. Hence, Joy For Humanity emerged from Kyazanga Modern Primary School to help solve community problems from the grass root. To further fulfil its mission, Kyazanga Modern Old Students Association (KMOSA) was established such that...
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Joseph Lukwago

Born in Uganda in 1983, Joseph is an Information & Communication Technology Professional, who believes that Information and knowledge can do wonders to change the face of the people in rural, isolated and underprivileged regions. Many challenges consist of lack of information and knowledge which in turn prevent individual change and general development. Joseph uses his expertise to champion widespread well-being, peace, prosperity and economic power to the people by proper tuning of the heart and mind. Joseph is the Director of and Spokesman for, the Bright Heart Children program in Africa which teaches children to live with six universal principles of Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace.  This...
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Bright Heart Children

Parents, teachers and other stakeholders all over the world invest time, energy and resources to help children acquire more knowledge and skills to help them ‘succeed’. Yet, most agree that academic education alone is not sufficient. Education alone has not been able to solve the World’s problems and many conflicts have been observed over time and new ones continue to happen every day. In order to join many groups and individuals who have worked tirelessly to resolve problems of the World, Joy For Humanity trains school going children with additional special qualities. In 2007 JFH was fortunate to connect with Haydn Anthony the Founder of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation,...
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Health Improvement

Joy For Humanity strives to improve the health conditions of children and adults in rural communities. This is done through projects in Basic Hygiene, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Malaria etc Current medical treatment is offered by Suzan, Cissy, Barbara and other medical volunteers who come to the community.  Our volunteers also provide basic first aid care during home visits in the villages. Our current plan is to build a well facilitated medical clinic. Since malaria is number one killer in African, we engage in the struggle to prevent malaria. We provide treated mosquito nets to children and women in poor families and we need to make this an ongoing program.