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Rejoicing but with a sad story

Rejoicing but with a sad story

Problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and technology is Kyazanga Modern Primary School’s (KMPA) mission for the next 20 years.

KMPS has competed with the traditional national best schools with 70% -90%+ pass rate in the last 20 years. However, the just-released 2018 Primary Leaving Examination results have provided a new platform for the following years with the attained 100% pass rate.

This means that a total of 35 students (14 male and 21 female) all passed in Division 1, with No student in Division 2, 3, 4, ungraded or even fail.

This has positioned KMPS in 40th position out of 5000+ schools and 7th in Sciences in the whole country.

Out of 671,923 candidates who sat for the exams in the Country, 77,133 (10.5%) passed in first grade, 270,000 (40.6%) in second grade, 140,000 (25.9%) in third grade, 107,398 (16.6%) in fourth grade and 9.4% failed.

Countrywide boys outperformed the girls, but our story is different, as we had more girls sitting the exams and all of them passed.

Although many families and communities ignore the education of the girl child in the country, we strive to reverse this analogy because we believe that when you educate the girl child, you train the community.

This achievement is because of a great team of School Alumni, Parents and relatives, Ambassadors, sponsors, the ambitious children, the best teaching and non-teaching staff in Uganda and all well-wishers.

As we celebrate, we know that the challenges ahead are enormous as more than 1 million children were unable to complete their Primary Education in Uganda in 2018.

In 2011, 1,839,714 pupils enrolled in Primary One and only 671,923 pupils registered for PLE exams and hence 1+ million children either dropped out, are still caught up in the system or passed away along the way.

This is unfortunate, and globally, Uganda is consistently being ranked among countries with the lowest proportion of children staying in school up to Primary Seven, with less than 30 per cent completing primary school. The completion rate for our neighbours in Kenya is at 84 per cent, Tanzania 81 per cent and Rwanda 74 per cent.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”, we need to strive and write a better story for our children.

For £18 per month, you can sponsor a child by meeting his/her education and be part of the writing a better story for these children.
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