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Lwengo Smart Citizens

Lwengo Smart Citizens

Many people are scared of embracing technology because they see it as a great evil that diminishes Humanity. However, we believe that technology is a critical bridge in developing solutions for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Information Technology is the road, which must be brought to the doorsteps of the poor be it rural or urban regions and they should be given equal opportunity to master the skill to use this technology to their advantage.

Information technology must be designed in such a way that a totally unprepared poor person can immediately get the hang of it without feeling threatened and convert acquired knowledge for his wealth creation.

It’s imperative to note that there is no society or nation in the world, which is technologically backwards that has attained widespread well-being, prosperity and economic power.

With a well-equipped ICT team, Joy For Humanity wants to make a difference by empowering her target group with technology and entrepreneurship skills that will promote quality life for themselves, their families, community and the country at large.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have had a significant impact on the lives of people in the more affluent countries – bringing them closer together, making differences less important and amplifying economic activity and growth.

Joy For Humanity launched the first Satellite Internet connection in the district in March 2017 through the district’s Smart Citizens initiative to champion innovation focused learning and development.

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