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JFH COVID-19 Update

JFH COVID-19 update

With 870 (28th June) positive cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in Uganda, the implemented control measures are similar to other countries in the world but with a night curfew. Schools are closed, public transport (allowed to carry half the numbers as of 4th June) and other tight measures.

Although the positive cases a reasonably low with no recorded deaths, this is undoubtedly a scary time for us as an organisation and for the majority of the people. Lack of clean and other sanitation facilities makes it hard for people to follow the World Health Organisation advice.

The other big challenge is the hunger because most of the people work hand to mouth every day and with the lockdown, this is scaring.

Majority of our rural target group have always missed meals even without the pandemic. With the current situation, that has enormously disrupted necessary supplies, many prices for general foodstuffs have risen significantly. This has impacted most vulnerable people more, and this situation is going to increase the number of people suffering from hunger drastically.

Although the numbers of COVID-19 cases in Africa haven’t reached those in Europe, USA, China, etc., the aftermath is not going to be business as usual due to hunger and weak healthcare systems. These are likely going to unleash catastrophe for the people.

Containment measures such as restrictions on travel, public gatherings, closure of businesses and schools have had a severe impact on the economy and people’s livelihoods. The World Bank current survey estimates 3.15 million could fall deeper into poverty, adding to the 8.7 million people Ugandans currently living below the poverty line.

We are, therefore, requesting our partners to donate whatever they can (£1, £3, £5, £10, £15, £20, other) towards our emergency fund to help support families with soap and detergents, food supplies and healthcare support. This is to help support people in need as we are overwhelmed with requests from the families we usually support.

To support our education programme by sponsoring a child for £20 per month, please, let us know using for details.

If we can save lives, we will most likely come out of this crisis better, and together we can overcome this pandemic and its effects!


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