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JFH Ambassadors Meeting Oct 2018

JFH Ambassadors Meeting

Following the September 2018 visit to Uganda, the new group of JFH Ambassadors met with Ambassadors in East London to share their experience and also brainstorm on how to further the activities of the organisation in order to make a difference in the lives of people Kyazanga, Lwengo District in Uganda.

Joy for Humanity Ambassadors are voluntary individuals commitment towards supporting the organisation’s vision of eradicating generational poverty to enable households to access basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, health, education and a decent form of transport.

During the meeting, the Ambassadors were guided by the organisation’s approach of using the learning by doing methodology which helps households earn an income as well as educating underprivileged school going children.

Some of the following action groups were emphasised to help achieve the Ambassadors tasks;

Finance and Governance to oversee the legal and financial structure of the organisation making sure it is appropriate and effective to meet the aims.

Rural Education and Action for Development (READ) Project (chickens and pigs etc.) & Women’s Group for income generation of the members.

Primary school/Child Sponsorship to acquire resources in order to provide an excellent education to orphans and underprivileged children from the community.

Establishment of a Health Centre to help the community to improve access to effective health services.

Descent housing to help solve the housing problem in which many community members are living in deteriorated or unimprovable shelter conditions.

The meeting ended with the plan for the next Uganda mission trip scheduled for mid-March 2019

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