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Care for Orphans & Underprivileged Children

Care for Orphans & Underprivileged Children

Joy for Humanity was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number orphaned underprivileged children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been destroyed by Poverty, Disease, and War.

UNICEF and UNAIDS approximate that 47.5 million orphans live in Sub-Saharan Africa, One-quarter of whom have lost their parents to AIDS.

2.5 million Children of these children live in Uganda.

Our community is experiencing an increasing number of children who are struggling to survive after the death of one or both parents. Most of these children their parents have died of diseases like AIDS and others.

The burden of caring for these orphans then falls upon the helpless relatives such as grandparents whose life is on a decline. In such a situation, these children can’t attain their school fees and other requirements, health facilities and proper housing.

At such a tender age, these children are not able to go to school but only subjected to hard work all day long.

When it’s time for school, most of these children are in their relatives’ gardens, and when they get back home, they are the ones to do the housework because they are taken as house boys and house girls in the families

The situation of these orphans is alarming, and there is a need for us to join hands and see a way of supporting them.

To rescue the situation, Joy For Humanity uses the family housing project for orphans, educates and also trains them in Bright Hearts Principles.

A Joy For Humanity family consists of a housemother who cares for eight children.

The family house is a decent three bedroom house with a sitting and dining room together with a store. One room is for the mother who is a widow, and two rooms are for the children. A dining area is an important tool in the creation of a family environment. The kitchen and toilet are outside the house.

Due to the limited resources required for the construction of the needed houses, Joy For Humanity cares for other orphans and underprivileged children through their relatives though this is not very efficient.

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