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Bright Heart Children Graduation 2018

Bright Heart Children Graduation 2018

Parents, teachers and other stakeholders all over the world invest time, energy and resources to help children acquire more knowledge and skills to help them ‘succeed’. Yet, most agree that academic education alone is not sufficient.

Education alone has not been able to solve the world’s problems, and many conflicts have been observed over time, and new ones continue to happen every day.

Together with Haydn Anthony the founder of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation, a U.S. non-profit charity established to involve people in the cause of peace and to promote peace projects, we work tirelessly train school going children with additional unique qualities through the Bright Heart Children programme.

On additional to the standard school curriculum, we have graduated more children educated in a human enrichment program based on the six Bright Heart Principles of Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace. The Children were awarded a Certificate, a Bright Heart Children study book together with a Workbook.

It is essential that academic achievement and the development of the heart and mind go hand in hand to prevent the problems our families and nations are facing.


Bright Hearts in the World stand together in an effort to create Peace and a better life for all people regardless of race, religion or culture.




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